world class Stadium and Cinema SeatinG

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a partnership 20+ years in the making

Starting with the iconic seating for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics lining the 85,000-seat main Centennial Olympic Stadium, Camatic have turned to APS Innovations as a trusted design and development partner for well over 2 decades.

Camatic Seating was the first company in Australia to manufacture venue seating from concept to production in one location, and today are highly respected world-wide for their products' structural integrity, ease-of-installation and innovative design and features.

With high-profile installations all around the world, from the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and Rod Laver Arena to USA, Asia, Europe, South America and UAE, Camatic have won major industry awards in recognition of their excellence in design, manufacturing and export achievements.

Camatic can credit a large portion of their success with the innovative approach to style, features and functionality that APS Innovations have been so intimately involved with, acting as a seamless and flexible product development partner.

As an integral development partner on such projects as Quantum, Forte, Activa, Clarity, Alpha and Matrix, APS Innovations have been intimately involved with all aspects of Camatic’s styling, ergonomics, installation and assembly innovations, engineering, testing, materials selection, process simulation and structural analysis.